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Applying to be part of the NExT Season

**Applications are currently closed for the 2022-2023 Nitery Season and will open in late May** You can see past application questions here


The Nitery puts out a call at the end of Stanford’s spring quarter/early summer quarter (May/June) for performances that match both our yearly season (this year: (Re): Activate, Imagine, Invigorate) and that speaks to our mission statement (found here). 


Additionally, we welcome proposals throughout the academic year for pop-up performances–events that are hosted in the Nitery but outside of the scope and support of our regular season shows. 


An important note: The Nitery Experimental Theatre is a space that is set up to be used by different student and community groups and, while we have some human and technical resources to support you, we do not provide design or production assistance. This means that our technical directors are happy to teach you/someone else how to use the light and sound board, how to focus lights, use microphones, etc, but we do not provide this labor for you. When you are in the space, there will always be a Nitery supervisor there to support you with general asks, but the responsibility to create and produce the content is yours. 


If you’re interested in proposing something, please make sure the following information is included in your email to the board ( in a bulleted list:


  • Your name (or a different contact person)

  • Email address

  • Organization you’re part of (if applicable)

  • Dates you’re proposing for rehearsals and performances (both Stanford “Week” (i.e. week 1, week 2, etc.) and calendar dates)

  • Piece title and content

  • Technical needs (please note the above section–we do not provide technical labor, but we do assist with technical training. This section helps us know what to expect and if we can adequately support your needs)


The NExT Board meets weekly during the academic quarter. Once we have all of your information, we will respond to you following that week's meeting.



The NExT Board (Rashi, Marina, Liam, Jo, & Sam)

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