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How do I reserve the Nitery?

The Nitery is a theatre run by students, for students (and the community). To that end, it is not possible to “reserve” the space. There is an application process that you can find more information about here.

Will there be someone there to help me during rehearsals?

Yes, any time you are in the Nitery, there will be a supervisor from the Nitery board present. Check out our board to see the friendly faces who might be in the space with you.

Can we build our scenery in the space?

Your scenery needs to fit in an average-sized door frame to enter the Nitery. For that reason, some minor assembly might be required in the space. However, we do ask that major building and painting take place off-site

How many people does the theatre hold?

Depending on the audience configuration, the Nitery holds 83 audience members.

Is the theatre accessible? 

The theatre is wheelchair accessible. For inquiries regarding other accessibility needs, please contact the NExT Board at

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