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How to be on NExT board

The positions of co-Artistic Directors are positions appointed by the Department of Theatre and Performance as part of the Carl Weber Memorial Fellowship (available only to TAPS Ph.D. candidates).


Applications for the positions of Technical Director(s) and Production Manager usually open at the beginning of June. 


What does a Technical Director (TD)/Production Manager (PM) do?

The Nitery Production Manager is the main point of contact between the NExT board and shows happening in the Nitery. They are responsible for maintaining communication, making sure that both NExT and the people working in space have all the information they need (in person and virtually depending on Stanford COVID-19 precautions). They are also responsible for keeping track of the schedule of who is in space when.


The TD oversees the technical operations in the Nitery throughout the season. Collectively, they will communicate with and provide support to the technical staff of productions, communicate with the TAPS department about facility needs, and help maintain organization and safety in the space (in person and virtually depending on Stanford COVID-19 precautions).

Position descriptions
Why should you be interested in being part of the NExT board?

1) Community! NExT is a small, tight-knit group of wonderful people who are passionate about making meaningful art.

2) Experience! You will get some great leadership and managerial experience to put on your resume, whether or not your plan to do theater in the future.

3) YOU GET PAID! That’s right, this is one of the rare opportunities where you can get paid to do theater.

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